Sunday, November 20, 2011

Let us introduce ourselves!

Hi!!  Let's start off by letting you know a little bit about who we are and why we have started this blog!  We are a powerhouse team in the photography and entertainment world.  We are two women who work in and therefore understand all aspects of this industry.  

Sarah DeVenne works as a:
Graphic Designer
Creative Director
and Editor
Andree de Villers works as a:
Nude Model
Modeling Coach
Makeup Artist
and Entertainer

We love to work with new models, whether they are looking to create their first portfolio pictures, or they are not interested in modeling at all but want to capture memories.  Throughout our years in the business we have had the pleasure of seeing so many woman's careers blossom, however we have also seen a lot of women taken advantage of.

As mentors on Model Mayhem, we are often contacted by women with questions about nude modeling.  We are always happy to provide guidance and hopefully protect women from being used by unscrupulous people.  We often sit and discuss how much we wish that every woman thinking about modeling nude would have the opportunity to get real information about the industry so they can make an informed decision.  That is the reason this blog was created.

We hope to provide a wealth of information for those who need it.  We will share our experiences and try to get as much information out there about all aspects of the industry so that women can have the guidance that we have always sought!

Please feel free to comment and touch base with us if you ever have any questions that we can answer!!  Talk soon!!

Andree and Sarah

Model: Andree de Villers. Photographer: Sarah DeVenne. 
Circa: 2007 - Our second time working together.


  1. I just want to say that what you two are doing is incredible! This site is exactly the resource I've been looking for and the fact that the advice is coming from women in the industry is such a beautiful thing!!! Keep it up ladies - I'll be watching for your posts!!!

  2. Thanks Rebecca!!! We are excited to have you following the blog and if you ever have any specific questions just let us know!!

    Andree & Sarah